Have your site built responsively/responsibly

Posted on September 11, 2013 by jeanne

I see companies launching NEW sites all the time. I pull them up on my IPad or IPhone and they are not responsive. What that means is that they are not coded to be optimized for all devices. The site that was built to be viewed on a large computer screen is now squeezed onto this tiny little phone screen. This does not make for a very good user experience. It decreases conversion rates and increases abandonment. Check the analytics on your site, if your web agency has installed analytics, to see what percent of visitors come from mobile devices, now add  3.5 percent to that number per month. That is the rate that mobile visits are increasing across all industries. There is a very good chance that almost half, if not more, of your visitors have come to your site from a phone and left in a hurry. That is a lot of traffic to turn away when all you had to do was hire a WEB marketing agency who developed sites responsively which in my book means, responsibly.