A little background…

Posted on January 13, 2021

Field 2 Design is Ben and Jeanne Dunkle’s brainchild. Way back in the 90’s, the web was in its infancy. We were studying and teaching printmaking at various SUNY institutions, whilst practicing commercial graphic design, photography and illustration to pay the bills.

When terms like HTML, CSS, and JAVA (not JavaScript, mind you) starting cropping up in our circles, we got really excited. Printmakers by nature are extremely curious about new stuff that might be used for mass-communication. Computers were cool and all—Photoshop 1.0 was mind blowing; Aldus and Macromedia made some cool toys, and Quark was the new kid on the block.

This was different. Suddenly the end goal wasn’t paper anymore. We could make stuff for everyone to see, instantly. Publishing had entered an entirely new era, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty learning it.

Here’s another thing about Printmakers–we honor craftsmanship alongside creativity. It’s not enough that your intaglios look beautiful; they must have pristine, ink-free bevels. Materials–inks, adhesives, papers, presses–must be acid-free, perfectly maintained, and whenever possible, hand-made. There are no shortcuts.

With this Printmakers’ mindset, we dove in headlong. Soon we were slinging everything from large-scale corporate websites to flash-driven art ventures. We called ourselves “Field 2” after the Jones Beach section where we often frequented. New technologies sprung forth at a head-spinning rate, some we took to and others we dismissed, learning and teaching the same stuff we used to support our growing family through client work.

Our involvement with WordPress grew enormously over the years. Ben designed icons for the software. We started a local meetup group with other WordPress enthusiasts that has since grown to over a thousand members. We organized and spoke at dozens of WordCamp and other WordPress related events. Over that time, our familiarity with WordPress and all of its nuances has reached a pinnacle–but we’re still climbing.

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